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Property Rules and Policies

Property Rules and Policies

Upon checking in, all guests agree to abide by the following;

  1. During season (December thru April) and every holiday and event weekend we require wristbands to be worn at all time. If you fail to comply you will receive 1 warning after that there will be a $100 per day charge for not complying. If you lose your wristband there will be a $25 charge to replace it.
  2. Under no circumstances does Harbour House at the Inn accommodate parties on property. Legal action will be taken for any such event that causes damage to the unit, property, reputation, or relationship with the residents and government of Fort Myers Beach.
  3. Guest(s) agree that there will be no smoking of any substance in the unit. Smoking (of legal substance) is only allowed in designated smoking areas such as the third floor barbecue deck and individual unit balconies. $250 fee
  4. The guest that checked in and signed for the room is responsible for all guests and visitors occupying the property at all times under that room number.
  5. Guest(s) agree to keep occupancy at no more than four persons for one bedroom units and no more than six persons for two bedroom units.
  6. Guest(s) will not bring any animals onto the property or into a unit without prior consent from Harbour House at the Inn. This includes service animals. $500 fee
  7. Guest(s) agree that Harbour House at the Inn is authorized to charge your credit card for excessive damages, cleaning, or unauthorized late check-outs.
  8. Guest(s) are responsible for all contents in their unit from check-in until check-out. Guests will be held responsible for any damage to any contents that occur during their stay.
  9. Party and Noise Complaints are taken very seriously. If a noise complaint is received, guests will be notified by phone. If a second noise complaint occurs, guests will be immediately removed from property without refund. If the police are called to the property for any reason relating to any disturbance, occupancy issues, noise, or lewd behavior, the guest will be charged a fine of $1,000 in addition to normal rental costs and any damage to the property.
  10. Any and all maintenance related issues must be reported to the front desk immediately. If a maintenance issue occurs that cannot be fixed in a reasonable amount of time and significantly affects the quality of the Guest’s stay, Harbour House at the Inn reserves the right to refund at its discretion or relocate Guests to another unit or property. Housekeeping issues are to be addressed immediately upon arrival, but in no way void this contract. Harbour House at the Inn must be contacted immediately and the situation will be assessed at that time.
  11. Harbour House at the Inn is, unless otherwise specified, a fully furnished rental property that will include bedspreads, liners, blankets, pillows, towels, a standard equipped kitchen, TV(s), and furnishings. Furnishings and floor plans may differ from room to room as well as in pictures and on advertisements. Harbour House may not have every item that you are accustomed to using on a day to day basis. If there is a special type of item you are accustomed to using please provide for those items by bringing them with you.  You will need to bring personal items such as bath soaps, shampoo, and toiletries.
  12. Harbour House at the Inn provides complimentary wireless internet and cable TV in all units as a convenience for our guests. If you encounter any problems accessing the internet or cable, please notify Harbour House at the Inn immediately. Please note that internet connectivity issues are outside of Harbour House at the Inn’s control. While we will do our very best to work with the internet and cable providers to resolve any connectivity issues as quickly as possible, we are at the mercy of the service providers. As this is a complimentary service, no refunds will be assessed for internet or cable connectivity issues.
  13. Harbour House at the Inn does not and will not provide refunds due to issues beyond our control such as weather.
  1. Harbour House at the Inn is not responsible for any personal items of the Guest that may disappear from the unit or property. The Guest is responsible for any and all personal effects. The Guest will be fully responsible for all damage to the suite or contents during their stay. In the event that the suite becomes un-rentable through any action of the Guest, then the Guest agrees to pay the nightly rate as specified in the ‘rates’ section until the suite may be put back into rentable condition, in addition to being responsible for any damage caused by the Guest, their invited visitors, or other persons. Guest agrees to indemnify Harbour House at the Inn and hold it harmless from any injury or damage resulting to the Guest, their invites, or other persons, their personal property, the suite, its contents, or the property, occurring in the suite itself or in any common areas including but not limited to stairways, parking garage, hallways, elevators, pool deck, community room, barbecue deck, and outdoor TV lounge that may be used by the Guest, their invites, or other persons. The total liability to Harbour House at the Inn from any loss to the Guest due to interruption of essential services, fire, or other occurrences that renders the suite unusable will be only those days of rental that the Guest has prepaid and not used.
  2. No tenancy is created by this agreement. All property rights remain with Harbour House at the Inn. The Guest agrees that Harbour House at the Inn or other lawful authority may evict the Guest, without notice, for any reason such as, but not limited to, (1) failure to leave the unit at the designated check-out time (unless extended according to the terms of this agreement and authorized in in advance by Harbour House at the Inn), (2) nonpayment of rental or other charges, (3) violation of any rule in this agreement, (4) violation of any rules of the condominium association in which the suite is located, (5) any unlawful act of the Guest. The Guest agrees to hold Harbour House at the Inn harmless for any eviction. The liability of Harbour House at the Inn is limited to unused rental paid by the Guest. Harbour House at the Inn has ten working days in which mail or credit charge card for this unused rental to the Guest.

Fee Schedule:

Smoking in suite or undesignated area: $250 + all repair costs to restore property as a result of any cigarette, e-cigarette, marijuana, cigar, or any smoking of any kind on the property both inside and outside of the unit.

Unauthorized Pets: $500 + all repair costs to restore property.

Broken or Missing Items: Price dependent on the value of the item that is missing or broken. Includes repair or replacement as appropriate.

Noise Complaints: First offense receives a warning. Second offense warrants a $1,000 fine and immediate removal from the property and all occupied units.

Party on Property (in Suite or Common Area): $1,000 plus any damages to Harbour House at the Inn following immediate removal from the property.


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